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Private Client Tax

Managing your tax obligations is not only essential in managing your business effectively, it is also crucial in making the most of your personal finances.

Routine tax compliance, from filing your tax return to negotiating payments and refunds with HM Revenue & Customs, can be time consuming and tedious. When tax becomes more complex or you are subject to an enquiry, ensuring you respond efficiently and on time makes all the difference in helping you or your employees achieve compliance.

DB&C Private Client Tax team takes care of your tax obligations, saving you the routine of dealing with the paperwork and taking the hassle out of more complex tax issues. If you are a high earner, tax is just one part of the picture.

DB&C can review every aspect of your asset base and provide expert advice, ranging from capital gains and inheritance tax, to getting the most from your investment portfolio. Our multidisciplinary approach offers a wide range of expertise to help you manage your money now and plan for the future. We look at the big picture and identify opportunities to save you time and money.

We give you peace of mind that your interests are protected, whether you are an individual, a sole trader or the owner/manager of a limited company.

Private Client Tax Team

Freek Meeuwissen

Freek Meeuwissen LLM

Senior Manager, Tax Advisory & Global Expansion & Fast Track Incorporation
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