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Corporate Assurance

Ensuring that your business meets financial reporting requirements can be vital to gaining a competitive advantage.

International legislative frameworks vary immensely and expanding businesses face very different financial reporting requirements overseas to those they encounter at home. We advise you on what to expect and help you manage and mitigate your compliance risk by ensuring reporting deadlines are met.

Our expertise covers company legislation in The Netherlands, international auditing standards, Dutch GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP and in the case of International Groups, the compliance requirements of your parent company, particularly SOX issues.

We’ll guide you clearly and concisely through the reporting legislation to ensure that you meet GAAP and Audit criteria. We maintain open communication channels so that you are informed and involved every step of the way, allowing you to focus on the present as well as plan for the future.

As your business reaches maturity we can carry out regular health checks and advise you on how to improve your financial reporting and minimise your risks, aligning your corporate governance with where your business is going. We’ll help you develop ongoing KPIs and handle expansion or exit planning when the time comes for you to explore other areas of operation, keeping you on track whatever your aspirations.

Corporate Assurance Team


Rob Kaats AA
Director Corporate Advisory

+31 (0)20 5 789 800Email
+31 (0)6 14 00 66 06

Guillermo Balsemhof

Guillermo Balsemhof

Accounting Assistant
+31 (0)20 5 789 824Email
+31 (0) 6 41 31 13 57

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