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Fast Track Incorporation

DB&C Fast Track Incorporation Service enables us to form new companies quickly – specifically tailored to your requirements.

DB&C will assist you with fast incorporation of a Dutch BV together with a Dutch civil–law notary.

We will provide you with information and an initial advice regarding the start-up in The Netherlands in our first free-of-charge meeting. A follow-up in writing will be based upon the information received from you in this meeting. We will of course provide you with a fee estimate with regard to the follow-up.

Incorporating a regular limited (“BV”) in The Netherlands usually takes around two weeks.

We have outlined what you can expect as part of our Fast Track Incorporation Service below:


Procedure of incorporation

The procedure of incorporation of a BV is as follows:

  1. first the company will be registered at the Chamber of Commerce as being under incorporation;
  2. a draft deed of incorporation will be made in Dutch and English;
  3. with the draft deed and the extract from the Chamber of Commerce a bank account can be opened in the Netherlands;
  4. all powers of attorney, to be made by the civil-law notary, need to be legalized and provided with an apostille;
  5. incorporation of the company and final official registration at the Chamber of Commerce is done by the civil-law notary.


Personalised Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are a very important document which contains all the necessary amendments to the model articles in order to ensure effective operation of your company. Further tailored amendments can be made, as appropriate. The comprehensive, custom-made Articles are fully compliant with the Flex BV law that is effect from October 1st 2012.

You will receive a soft copy immediately after incorporation, enabling you to use the Company number immediately (a hard copy will be provided shortly afterwards).


Statutory registration

Incorporation of the company and final official registration at the Chamber of Commerce is done by the civil-law notary.

We also offer a number of related services such as VAT applications, and registered office, which we can provide at the same time as statutory registration.

Please notice that a Dutch BV needs to have an address and (if possible) a legal representative (board member) in the Netherlands. We can also assist with domiciliation and management of the company.


Share issue paperwork completed and filed

To evidence proper title to ownership of the Dutch Company all share issue paperwork, including issuing the relevant Share Certificates will be correctly recorded. If appropriate additional classes of shares can be created.


Change of year end if required

The Dutch Company will be given a default year end based on the anniversary of the date of incorporation. We will ensure that the Dutch year end is coterminous with group companies where relevant, to ease reporting.

Fast Track Incorporation Team

Freek Meeuwissen

Freek Meeuwissen LLM

Senior Manager, Tax Advisory & Global Expansion & Fast Track Incorporation

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+31 (0)6 14 00 66 03

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