Alma Jusufovic

Alma Jusufovic

Assistant, Business Process Outsourcing

My name is Alma Jusufovic. I have a diploma of economics and accounting course at “University of Tuzla”.

Since 2015 I live in Netherlands. I am looking forward to expand my knowledge so I can fit better into Netherlands society.

Right now I am working at De Bruin & Co company, which makes me so happy and satisfied, because quality team work makes us better in our job and more successfull company which fulfills the goals.

Also indepedent tasks and responsibilities, which as employee in this company I have, makes me able to upgrade myself in administrative financial direction and to lead certain bookkeeping precesses with clients on my own. My job requires big dose of responsibility and precision which actually looks forward to perfection where I find myself very well.

My goal is to be professional as much as possible and available to our company and our clients. That is why I’m working hard on my way to be successfull in my job and to follow many courses as I can to fulfill my goal as soon as possible.

“When you love your job every day is holiday.” F. Tyger


Phone: +31 (0) 20 5 789 825